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Be Good

ramen chopsticks

At life, always be learning
At your job, always be growing
At being a worthy team member, always be collaborating

Hear it
from our employee's mouths

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Bringing ramen
to the ramenless

The flavors in our bowls may be complex, but our mission of bringing ramen to the ramenless is simple. This means being the neighborhood ramen shop for all people and all ages. Serving every single person that walks through our doors with pride and acceptance. And introducing every noodle newbie to the magic of ramen.

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Serving hapiness
1 bowl at a atime

Good vibes

Ramen makes us happy, fills us up body and spirit- our spaces, music, and vibes reflect that.

Good teams

A great bowl of ramen made by the hands and hearts of our Be Gooder team can be tasted in each bowl of ramen.

Good biz

Strong profit means more ramen and happiness, acceptance and success for our guests and our teams.

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Make money money

CREW MEMBERS $15-20 hr average
TRAINERS $22-24 hr average
SHOP MANAGER $45-55k annual
GENERAL MANAGER $55-75k annual

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Ramen with benefits

For emplyees who work over 35 hrs per week:

Health Care, Dental, Vision
Paid time off
Career Advancement Opportunities
Free Ramen !!!